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As parents and European manufacturers of footwear, like you we want to take care of the future of our children and the future of our planet.

We participated with BOATILUS in the creation of a soft biodegradable polymer. In 2008, we were the first to conceive and fabricate true biodegradable footwear: biodegradable rain boots and also sandals and  leather shoes using a vegetable tanning   with an exclusive biodegradable sole, derived in part from agriculture.


Since 2010, we introduced new rain boots: DUCKY, after that we launched sandals, boots and sneakers for children and adults.

True vanguards, we started and participated in the creation of fibers, threads and textiles produced from recycled PET water bottles. In 2012, BOATILUS was the first brand to make duffel-coats, coats ... and next  the T-shirts and sweatshirts in 100% recycled PET.


Today, thanks to this experience, we decided to share our BOATILUS technology and our manufacturing processes: we bring this "savoir-faire" and work with different brands all over the world of children, adult and luxury products ..
Do not hesitate to tell us about your ideas or comments that we will consider with great interest in order to improve our shoes and participate in the creation and development of new materials ...

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